Spark-proof telephone communication in mines


Contemporary Spark-Proof Telephone Communication

Disastrous consequences of a number of accidents in mines are in no small way associated with obsolete and inefficient communication systems. Up-to-date spark-proof communication is the industry standard that allows accomplishing two tasks:

1. Ensuring safety. Prompt and efficient accident notification multiplies chances of survival for the staff.  
2. Improving the working process efficiency. According to expert estimates, introduction of advanced communication systems reduces time expenditures to 30-50%

A Step to Future

Advanced mine telephone sets complying with world standards of mining equipment are a step to future. This kind of devices can withstand extreme conditions and provide trouble-free operation even in the most challenging environment.

Mine telephones connected by a spark-proof line have a key advantage. In practice, it means that a damage or a short circuit cannot make the explosive mixture ignite. This kind of communication system is not just convenient – it can save hundreds of lives.

Unlike obsolete versions, spark-proof explosion-proof telephones ensure explosion safety outside the device body. It is a crucial factor which allows using ordinary telecommunication cable for the line instead of expensive explosion-proof or armour cables.

The model shown in the infographics below does not only provide spark-proof telephone and mine dispatching communication but also enables to arrange emergency and loud-speaker notification. 


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