Production is the continuous and difficult technological process consisting of a row of separate operational cycles. Competently organized interaction of all structures, geographically located at different distances (at most times), allows to increase efficiency and profitability of the enterprise.

In the conditions of the continuous production and control over it the system of industrial communication becomes the necessary tool for production sites and transport networks. For effective management, communication subsystems shall be tightly interconnected and integrated with each other irrespective of structure of the enterprise.



Subsystems included in the unified system of industrial communication


  • Intercom systems

  • Operational-dispatch communication

  • Public address & general alarm

  • Communication with mobile objects

  • Public Warning and Emergency Evacuation system

  • Radio communication


At the stage of project development, it is possible to choose the configuration of the necessary types of communication. Thus, certain types of communication required at this facility can be built at the enterprises and also their arbitrary combining is organized.




Advantages of the system


  • The system of operative communication allows to communicate without hindrance to all specialists who are at different levels and links of production business process.
  • The staff of the enterprises can immediately solve the production problems requiring mobility and speed of response and shares information to ensure coordinated action.



Effects of implementation 


  • Increased productivity and improved management of production operations (equipment, staff, movable equipment, etc.);
  • Reduction of production losses due to improved process control;
  • Improving labor safety and reducing injuries, accidents
  • Prevention and rapid elimination of consequences of accidents and emergencies.





Opportunities of our company


  • Construction of industrial communication and warning systems;

  • Upgrade of technologically outdated communication systems;
  • Step-by-step replacement of the outdated equipment for support of smooth operation of production;

  • Integration of communication subsystems and their adaptation to customer requirements;
  • Technical support and service of projects



All equipment of our company is developed taking into account harsh industrial conditions at the enterprises and transport hubs. The used technical means of communication withstand influence of aggressive vapors, gases, fine dust, high temperature and humidity, and have high impact resistance. The range of explosion-proof devices is especially designed for use in the conditions of high explosion risk and is certified in accordance with the European ATEX standard and the international IECEx directives.