Communications, Ltd. advises its customers on various technical issues concerning the equipment, in particular, public address and general alarm systems by ms Neumann Electronik GmbH and Funkwerk/Funktel Gmbh. We appreciate our customers’ loyalty, so the quality and smooth performance of our equipment on your facility is important to us. Therefore, we have prepared for you the widest range of convenient options to get technical support.

 Remote Support:

-Free consultation by phone: + 8-800-700-94-83. Highly qualified specialists of Communications, Ltd. will answer any questions concerning the equipment setup, installation, assembly or connection. Telephone consultations are available from 9:00 to 18:00 Moscow time.

- Consultation by e-mail: If due to time differences or for any other reason you fail to reach us by phone, please ask your question by e-mail. E-mail requests are accepted 24 hours a day. After receiving and processing your request, our specialists will contact you in the shortest possible time.

- Providing assistance by connecting to remote services. We also offer you a remote method of communication for getting online audio and video consultations. A communication program, for example, TeamViewer or Skype, is negotiated at the time of communication.

Responsive Intervention.

Our specialists are always ready to visit your facility to give a consultation or do any other works you need. For more detailed information, please contact us in any of the ways mentioned above.



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