Funktel FT5 S — no more big and heavy radio sets

TETRA Intelligent Portable Radio with Location and Security Functions

The radio station FT5 S is a unique combination of excellent technical characteristics with the small dimensions of a radio terminal.


The radio station FT5 S by German manufacturer Funktel Gmbh replaced the massive models from the Funktel line, intended for operation in harsh climatic and production conditions.


The new form provides ease of operation, and enterprise workers no longer need to carry around massive devices. It includes the possibility of using in single workstations with a high level of danger, a built-in personal alarm function, a personal security system, slots for Micro-SD and Micro-SIM cards – such is an incomplete list of the advantages of the new radio stations by one of the leading global manufacturers of communication systems of this standard.


Certificate for use in single high-risk workstations: DIN VDE V 0825-1, DGUV 112-139


The product has already successfully proven itself in operation at German enterprises, and now it is open for sale in Russia.


                        "Today, modern digital radio technologies are just beginning to be applied at the largest Russian enterprises. Not all managers are aware of the need for digital technology, which significantly increases labor safety, helps to optimize the workflow, and reduces the cost of human resources. Digital speech quality is much higher than analog, regardless of the distance of subscribers and the noise level in the workplace. Increased efficiency of the frequency resource use, reduced cost of basic equipment, increased operating time of the radio station from a charged battery, multi-level call prioritization, text messaging, and information security — the list of benefits of digital communication goes on."  

General Characteristics:

Built-in personal alarm function, large red emergency button:

4 types of alarm with manual control (random signal)
4 types of automatic alarm (automatic signaling)
3 separate position indication technologies
security work contactless control

Satellite GNSS receiver for 4 types of signal:

GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou
Determination of exact location indoors using inductive sensors

Bluetooth built-in module

BT4.0 (Low Energy) for audio functions and position indication


Reliable, shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof housing (IP65)

Waterproof and dustproof (IP65)
Rubberized edges for shock absorption
Bright 2.2" color LCD display with light sensor
Micro-SD and Micro-SIM card slots
Optical and acoustic messaging and alarm signaling


TETRA professional portable radio station consistent with the standard of the European Telecommunications Institute;
Notification by vibration;
Comfortable red emergency button;
Emergency call in TMO and DMO modes;
500mW audio amplifier (1W per audio interface);
Two card slots in the terminal:
Micro-SIM (network operator data and interpersonal encryption)
Micro-SD (saving individual settings);
Bluetooth module (4.0/LE) for connecting audio features and positioning;
Satellite GNSS 4-type receiver (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou);
Built-in sensors for position indication and security:
Inductive positioning sensor for accurate localization
Hall sensors for alarming the loss and removal of an instrument
Timer, atmospheric pressure and acceleration sensor for positioning and protection – Light sensor for backlight control;
Light sensor for backlight control;
Micro-SD card slot for saving individual alarm parameters and terminal settings (optional).

Safety provision functions:

Automatic recognition of emergency situations;
Wide range of signaling and positioning sensors;
Cyclical Life-Check function with automatic technical alarm transmission;
Testing of sensors and positioning during registration, as well as when entering and exiting the central alarm system;
Localization up to room and floor based on inductive positioning sensor (IOS).

Optional accessories:

Built-in stand for warehousing and storage rooms;
Charging base with one or 6 slots for devices without battery;
Base with USB port with charging function;
High-capacity external battery;
Travel & vehicle charger;
Micro-SD memory card with license;
Carrying accessories and protective covers;
Headset and audio accessories.


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