Launching a Proprietary Advance Training Course in Communication and Safety

Launching a Proprietary Advance Training Course in Communication and Safety

Kommunikatsii, in cooperation with Center of Scientific and Technical Information “Progress”, started a series of advance training courses dedicated to industrial communication and safety at hazardous production facilities.


Representatives of the largest industrial enterprises and design institutes of St. Petersburg and other regions of the country became attendees of the first batch that started this July. Companies participating in the course include Kazanorgsintez, PJSC; Kirishinefteorgsintez Production Association; Lengiproneftekhim, LTD; and others.


The course deals with the entire range of issues related to design and operation of up-to-date alerting and operational communication systems, considers peculiarities of integrating loud-speaker communication, two-way loudspeaker communication, local alerting and warning and evacuation systems into a single information field, etc. The practical part involves demonstration of the most advanced capabilities of industrial communication equipment. Training activities are conducted by the leading Kommunikatsii experts and our partners having more than 10 years experience in the industry.


According to feedback from numerous first batch participants, the course is the most informative among the proprietary training courses dedicated to communication and alerting they know and covers some little discussed issues such as legislation and legal support of safety at hazardous production facilities.


After the course completion, a solemn ceremony was held to confer qualification certificates provided by the licensed educational institution – Center of Scientific and Technical Information “Progress”.


Subscribe to the company’s news to know the starting date of a new batch for the course “Communication and Alerting Systems at Enterprises: Loud-Speaker Communication, Two-Way Loudspeaker Communication, Local Alerting and Warning and Evacuation Systems and Radio Communication. Integrating into a Single Information Field”.






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Действуем на опережение стандартов в области систем позиционирования

Системы позиционирования имеют огромное значение для повышения уровня безопасности на объектах горнодобывающей промышленности. Наличие такой системы в шахте зафиксировано законодательно.


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