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Проект компании «Коммуникации»  по оснащению порта Курык в Казахстане системой оповещения и двусторонней диспетчерской связи не остался без внимания представителей СМИ. Среди многих федеральных и региональных медиа о реализации проекта написал Atameken Business Channel,  первый казахстанский мультимедийный канал новостей бизнес Казахстана, ЕАЭС, СНГ и мира.

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technical workshop

In April for the first time «Communications" hold the technical workshop in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.  More than fifty Chief Technical Officers, engineers and other specialists visited it. Also the seminar attracted many news media.

Industry 4.0 as Perceived by Business

Exclusive interview with the Director of Communications Ltd. Representative Office in Kazakhstan.

Digital Communication Systems for Railways

Railway operation experts can learn about the advantages of integrated digital communication systems from the article of Communications, Ltd. in a new release (No. 1 (31) 2018) of the scientific and technical journal “TRANSPORT INNOVATIONS” by the Publishing House “Pulse of Time” in cooperation with the International Association of Logistics Business (MALBI). 

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The ABC of Failures

Rubezh magazine asked leaders of the security industry to talk about the most frequent problems arising in the operation of technical means of transport security. Communications Ltd. Managing Director Vladislav Chepinogo presented his professional opinion under the heading “Practice.”


In early November, the biggest event in the world of transport and logistics services – the second International Digital Logistics Forum “Digital Logistics as a Key Growth Driver of Non-Resource Export of Goods and Services” took place in Moscow.

On October 12, 2018 the largest investment forum KostanayInvest 2018 took place in the Kostanay region, Republic of Kazakhstan. The participants of the forum were members of the government, representatives of the central governmental authorities and development institutions, as well as large foreign and Kazakhstani investors and companies.

The new season of business activity for the Kommunikatsii company began with visits to several professional communication platforms that have high importance in the world of business.

Kommunikatsii Ltd. and the Czech manufacturer ZAM-SERVIS s.г.о. concluded a distribution agreement on supplies of communication and automation systems for coal pits and mines in the territory of Russia and the CIS countries.

The last Sunday of August is the Day of Brave and Strong People. Miners celebrate their professional holiday!

Blog about company

Since 2017, Communications, Ltd. implements projects for the construction of operative communication and public address systems on the basis of the DS-6 communication system by jm Neumann Elektronik GmbH.
When developing projects, we always adhere to the policy of introducing innovative methods and use the most advanced technologies. We constantly work at analyzing the needs of customers and strive to offer them the best and most important solutions.

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