World Cup Won by Sportsmen from Kazakhstan

World Cup Won by Sportsmen from Kazakhstan

In July, the national team of Kazakhstan won 5 gold, 4 silver and 11 bronze medals at the KWU World Cup where 600 best fighters of all federations from 32 countries competed at 13-year International Kyokushin Karate School Kamchiya 2019 (Bulgaria).


Aleksandr Tronyagin and Nikita Garas from Karaganda district branch of the Republic National Federation of Kyokushinkai-kan Karate, sponsored by our company, were among the winners.


The fighters won gold and bronze medals. Aleksandr Tryonyagin became the World Cup winner in the weight category up to 75 kg having snatched the victory from Vitaliy Bolotov (Russia) in the last seconds of the fight.


Nikita Garas won the third prize cup in the weight category 85+ kg having lost a tough fight to Aleksandr Grachev from Russia.


The world champions are trained by Igor Lim, a top-level coach of the highest qualification, the Republic and International tournament champion, Chief Coach of Karaganda Oblast, and Chief Kyokushinkai-kan karate Referee in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Kyokushinkai-kan karate is one of the youngest and most powerful combat sports combining strength, agility, excellent coordination, swiftness and audacity. As an independent style it appeared in the middle of last century. Kyokushinkai karate is distinguished among other combat sports by its spectacularity. Tricks performed by masters impress with their incredibility and get us thinking how unlimited human capabilities may be. For many people who have devoted themselves to this kind of martial arts, self-perfection, self-victory and exploiting their potential to the full are the main aspect of training.

Congratulations to the sportsmen and their coach! We wish you further success and more victories!






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