Industrialists from all Regions of the Country Attend Workshop in Astana

Industrialists from all Regions of the Country Attend Workshop in Astana

A technical workshop on the introduction of digital communication systems for industrial communication at enterprises and transport hubs in Kazakhstan was held by Communications Ltd. in Astana in late April.


Decentralized industrial communication systems have long been an integral part of the technological chain in many industries in Russia; the demand for them at Kazakhstan enterprises has significantly increased. That is why the actual topic of the workshop, which was organized in this country for the first time, aroused great interest among Kazakhstani industrialists. The event brought together representatives of more than twenty manufacturing enterprises and transport companies from different regions of the country.


The workshop was inaugurated by the welcoming speech and a brief account of the company history delivered by Vladislav Kulyashov, Director General of Communications Ltd.


In his address to the workshop participants, Vladislav Kulyashov stressed that the company performs a full range of works on the project from pre-design developments to training the Customer’s personnel to work on the company’s equipment with the subsequent system maintenance. In addition, Communications Ltd. manufactures its own equipment; in its development, the company relies on the experience of working with foreign partners.


Communications Ltd. has been operating on the territory of Kazakhstan since 2006. It has already implemented some large projects at the following enterprises – KazTransOil, Kazakhmys, TNC Kazchrome, Nostrum Oil & Gas, and NC KTZ CJSC. This year, the company’s official representation in Kazakhstan headed by Sabit Sukhanov – a highly qualified specialist in the field of technological modernization of industry within the framework of Digital Kazakhstan 2020 – was registered. During his speech, Sabit Sukhanov explained the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, mentioning digital industrial communication systems as an element of “Industry 4:0.”


After that, Deputy General Director Kirill Skornyakov spoke about the evolution of communication systems and the latest innovations in the field of decentralization, covering solutions for radio communication and civil defense and emergency notification warning systems. Practical experience in organizing an integrated digital network was demonstrated on the example of the introduction of an underground communication and video surveillance system at one of the five largest gold deposits in Russia, the Mayskoye.


At the end of the workshop, its participants discussed issues and problems of constructing operational and technological communication and alerting at their own facilities, and also noted the high level of the presentation, the professionalism of its speakers, and the quality of event organization.

Блог компании


Карта связи – это схема заданных алгоритмов исходящих соединений, необходимая для программирования промышленной связи на производстве. В большинстве стран Европы, в том числе и в Германии, такую карту разрабатывают ещё на этапе проведения проектно-изыскательных работ (ПИР), причём в тесном сотрудничестве с заказчиком.

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