PAGA and Warning systems


Warning signals must have the maximum coverage area, regardless how large the area of ​​the enterprise is. The message must reach every employee wherever his location is. That is why electronic sirens are used to create large public address zones and provide connection to the networks of civil defense and emergency situations. This equipment is much more powerful than loudspeakers. Besides, the requirements for reliability and operation control methods are much higher.





Equipment for the construction of public address systems is characterized by a high level of power, reliability and various control options. Sirens are used either as a separate, locally controlled equipment, or as a part of the system. Small public address systems consist of a few sirens, while large ones can count up to a thousand sirens.


Unique Features:


All Methods of Data Transmission

Electrical signals are transmitted via different transmission media, such as fiber optic and copper-electric cables, or electromagnetic waves (radio frequency range). For remote areas without developed technical infrastructure, such as island groups or deserts, satellite control is used



Additional Backup:

In the event of an emergency situation, in most cases, a power supply failure results in the breakdown of the telecommunications infrastructure. For these reasons, two independent channels for the siren network control are used in large public address systems.





Sirens Self-Diagnostics:

These systems are used in situations of real danger, so you need to be confident that they will work when you really need it. Severe requirements are made for the sirens self-diagnostics functions and the related infrastructure. A potential error is detected even before the actual use of the siren and is corrected in time.




High Activation Speed:

The activation speed even in the largest warning or public address systems is measured in dozens of seconds - 350 sirens are activated in about 20 seconds. The speed of obtaining feedback information about the sirens activation is measured in minutes - from 350 sirens (about 60 seconds).