Emergency Call System


Security at transport infrastructure facilities or other congregate settings is a priority task of the State policy for ensuring national security of the country. Taking into account the State’s interests, we have developed an emergency call system with an additional set of functions and programs, which is needed for both road users and emergency personnel.


The Use of Emergency Call Systems at Transport Facilities


Due to the high noise level at road facilities, terminals must have the required technical parameters:

Characteristics of Our Emergency Call Systems:


  • Vandal-proof design;
  • Protection level at least IP65 (dirt, dust, water resistance);
  • High sound quality and the transmission of clean, intelligible speech in higher noise conditions;
  • Centralized management and control of all devices;
  • Automatic monitoring of the proper functionality of all components;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Accessible for people with disabilities;
  • Custom-made solutions are possible.



The System’s Advantages:


Crystal Clear Sound.

The technical characteristics that allow you to avoid the loss of important information and provide additional comfort for communication in critical situations with a high level of noise.

Operator’s Workplace.

The software for the operator’s “desktop”. Designed for total control of the facility and subsequent analysis of the situations that have already occurred.

System “Analytics”.

Designed for recognizing specific sounds typical for emergency situations, threats or dangers (pistol shooting, broken glass and other aggression types, with due account for customized solutions).