5 key lines for creation of “smart mine”

Smart technologies for fields are a critical need for today, let alone for tomorrow. In the near future, adoption of smart technologies may become an inevitable condition for survival of producing companies in the competitive environment. In order to become number one tomorrow, you should think of smart technologies today.


1. Digital Modeling


Artificial intellect in 3D modeling of the geological environment allows interpreting initial geophysical survey data, substantiate strategic planning of mineral extraction and use the knowledge to meet some production-related challenges. Digital modeling is one of focal areas for implementation of Industry-4.0 program in the mining industry.





2. Automation and Robotization of Technological Processes


Producing companies gradually implement technological process automation systems which are mainly aimed at transferring some authorities related to manufacturing management and managerial decision making from humans to the artificial intellect. There is also intense work in progress aimed at robotization of operations and introducing technologies of unmanned coal mining in order to minimize the number of people working in potentially dangerous conditions.




3. Automated System for Mining Transportation Complex Control


A standard mining transportation complex (MTC) control system is designed for control, statistics collection and monitoring of the MTC operation. The system allows displaying position of different machines, optimize routes for transport units and make adjustments in the MTC operation in real time based on current numerical data.




4. Creating a Single Information Field


Collection of all data (including geological, technical and statistical data) in the field and their further transfer to the processing and analysis center are necessary at the planning stage and contribute to making proper control and strategic decisions. Specialized data collection software allows coordinating the mine personnel’s work and mining equipment operation within a single information system.




5. Communication and Positioning for Industrial Safety


Reliable and fast communication channels are required to transmit telemetry data, control commands and exchange other information. Digital standards of radio communication ensure enhanced quality of speech transmission, elimination of noise and interference under extreme conditions of underground mines and an enlarged coverage area. Continuous monitoring of equipment position and technical condition, as well as location of personnel and machines contribute to the workplace safety.



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