Protection of industrial communication systems is the security of your enterprise

Timely provision of enterprises with industrial communications and warning is a guarantee of safety of life and health of workers and the smooth operation of the enterprise.


In the era of development of the digital economy and innovative technologies, the industrial communication systems need protection from external attacks. However, not all Russian industrialists understand the importance of protecting software for operational technological communication and security in enterprises.


We want to clearly demonstrate why the reliability of industrial communications equipment and warning is the most important condition for ensuring production safety:


1. Cyber attacks on communication and public address systems;

Terrorist attacks,
Unauthorized launch of alarm messages to trigger panic in personnel,
Alert disabling in the event of a real threat.


 <Attention! Everyone please urgently leave the premises>


Creating a danger to employees of the enterprise and surrounding areas, implementing a terrorist act.


2. System programming during installation on an object

Attraction of unqualified staff for starting-up and adjustment works by general contractor,
Setting wrong system preferences at the initial stage.




Incorrect operation of health assessment equipment and alerts in hazardous production conditions, unscheduled equipment repairs, financial losses, and so on.


3. Sabotage prevention

Deliberate changes to system settings by enterprise personnel,
Initiating a false alarm,
Unplanned evacuation of personnel.




Financial damage to the enterprise due to disruption of technological processes and production downtime.

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