Protection against Unauthorized Access


Cyber ​​attacks on communication systems lead to disruption of technological processes and failures of enterprises and transport hubs, while endangering employees, passengers and transport network personnel.

The innovative SWMS module is a unique development of our company specially designed to protect the software of communication and public address systems against cyber attacks and terrorist attacks at enterprises and transport hubs.


Application of the System


The SWMS module operation scheme is similar to the antivirus computer technology. The module’s mechanism creates an additional protective barrier when connecting to the system software at the enterprise and limits the access for the personnel.


SWMS provides the following protection methods:


  • Specialized interface for connecting to the CPU board;
  • User identification and authentication;
  • Distribution and access control to the ОТС system and public address system.


The SWMS module is a general-purpose product and can be adapted to be installed at enterprises in existing engineering circuits and public address systems of various manufacturers.


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