Industrial Lighting


Light characteristics of an industrial plant determine the labor activity quality of its personnel, health and vision of the employees and often their safety. Important criteria are compliance with regulations and standards, safety, cost-efficiency, reliability and ergonomics, as well as specific features of the enterprise.


We implement lighting solutions at industrial plants which allow you to reduce energy costs and the costs for the maintenance of lighting equipment. The pretty design of the equipment is developed by the company’s own design bureau.



Lighting 3D modeling

Optimization of lighting for specific customer requirements and technological features of the premises. The lighting fixture layout is made with due account for the convenience of its future maintenance and operation, which minimizes the energy costs and installation and maintenance costs.

Innovative Technologies

A microfilter prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt on the devices. The improved thermal control system which, due to the separation of the optical unit and the control gear, allows to significantly increase the service life of the lighting fixture components, and also to use it at high temperatures of industrial enterprises.

Payback Calculator

When planning industrial lighting, we calculate the savings and payback periods of the equipment, which makes it possible to understand for how long the funds invested in the project by the customer will be returned at the expense of the profits received during its use.


Reconstruction of Obsolete Systems

We accept orders for the reconstruction of lighting in existing production facilities, which is often a challenge, since we must take into account the requirements of the existing system, specific features of the premises and limitations to the lighting fixture installation in the design.




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