Industrial Radio Communication


The introduction of professional mobile radio communication increases professional safety, contributes to the workflow optimization, therefore, reduces the expenditure of human resource and timing budget.


Use of Industrial Radio Communication

  • In case of impossibility to use cell communication.  Radios’ characteristics provide reliability in heavy industrial environments: water resistance, dust resistance, shock resistance of the housing
  • Unlike cell communication, industrial radio communication is protected against network overload and remains accessible in case of an emergency situation
  • Simple and easy of use by employees wearing special clothing - accuracy of control even in rough industrial gloves, etc.
  • Staff positioning both outside and inside the premises
  • Integration with other systems installed at the enterprise




An important focus of our company’s activity is the development and installation of radio communication systems of DECT or TETRA standards, including in hazardous areas. The systems include radiotelephones, base stations and additional accessories of Russian and European manufacturers.


Complex of the System’s Unique Advantages:



All radio stations have all-weather and explosion-proof design with a wide range of security control functions and due attention to high telephone load and quick response capabilities.

Memory Card

A removable MemCard (SIM-Card) allows you to save and transfer the settings from one phone to another, for example, if the unit is damaged.


Personal Security Sistem

It is designed for automatic control over the operation of subscribers. When a person falls or loses consciousness or in case of an accident, the warning call is automatically triggered from the radio station to the central server, which helps to provide timely assistance and prevent an emergency situation. The subscriber’s location is determined with the accuracy of 5 meters in any location (open area, room, mine, etc.).



Security Server Technical Parameters:

  • Control and transmission of alarm signals from subscribers;
  • Alarm messages logging;
  • Alarm signals visual control on the floor plan;
  • Subscriber tracking recording;
  • Alarm messages automatic transmission to the operator on other terminals;
  • Alarm autorepeat;
  • Subscriber connection quality monitoring;
  • Manual alarm (by pressing a button);
  • Automatic alarm (activated by a built-in sensor).



DECT Radiophones:

The terminals are specially designed for industrial environments. All devices are made in a durable, dustproof and waterproof housing of the IP 65 protection level. A convenient backlit interface and well-defined keys create comfortable conditions for using the radio terminals in any environment.


ТЕТРА Radiophones:

The TETRA radio stations are designed to provide trunking communication in extreme environments of industrial facilities. In addition to a reliable terminal housing, the radiotelephones are equipped with a multi-level call prioritization system and information security.



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