The company’s representative office was solemnly opened in Kazakhstan in March 2018!

The company’s representative office was solemnly opened in Kazakhstan in March 2018!

Last year was marked by a very important event for Kommunikatsii: the company’s representative office opened in Kazakhstan!


In March 2018, the solemn opening of the representative office took place with the first technical workshop in Astana which attracted a significant number of manufacturers from lots of regions of the country and aroused great interest among media representatives.

Over this period, we formed a team of professionals and acquired invaluable experience of working in the industrial market of the largest economy in Central Asia. For our colleagues the first year of work was full of numerous business meetings, negotiations and conclusion of contracts for supplies of communication and safety equipment.

Projects for providing an IP-technology based alerting and two-way control communication system for one of the most promising transportation corridors of Eurasia – the Port of Kuryk, as well as supplies of digital communication systems to a gas processing plant being constructed in Kozhasai field were most significant in the company’s first year of work.

The team of Kommunikatsii wishes further development and well-being to their Representative Office in Kazakhstan as well as inspiration, worthful victories and rewards such as acquiring new customers and implementation of major projects to our colleagues.



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