Training workshop for the specialists of Kommunikatsii from the Russian subsidiary of ELTEK AS company (Norway)

Training workshop for the specialists of Kommunikatsii from the Russian subsidiary of ELTEK AS company (Norway)

In January of this year, Eltek LLC – the Russian office of ELTEK AS company (Norway), a member of the group of companies DELTA Electronics, organized a technical seminar for the specialists of Kommunikatsii Ltd, entitled “New highly efficient and reliable DC and AC power supply systems for telecommunication and industrial markets.”

The specialists of the technical department and other interested employees of our company had the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technical developments of ELTEK, methods of calculation and configuration of modular power supply systems of various capacities and different output voltages, peculiarities of construction types of various power supply systems built using unified rectifier, converter and inverter modules.


ELTEK AS (Norway) is a recognized world leader in development and manufacture of innovative, highly efficient and reliable power supply modules and systems for the telecommunications and energy industries. Every new product line becomes an achievement in the field of technical characteristics and a major step forward in the development of highly efficient energy conversion technology. A combination of quality, reliability, reasonable price and high functional capabilities of products manufactured by Eltek enable consumers of products for many years not to worry about uninterrupted power supply of technological equipment, to reduce operational costs for its repair, renewal and maintenance.


The specialists of Kommunikatsii regularly improve their knowledge and skills by participating in specialized seminars and training programs of partners-manufacturers, vendors and suppliers of the company, that allows employees to be true professionals in solving multiline electrotechnical projects and use the most advanced technologies in their work.



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