International Forum on Digital Logistics and Blockchain Systems on the International Transport Corridors Network

International Forum on Digital Logistics and Blockchain Systems on the International Transport Corridors Network

Vladislav Kulyashov, CEO of Communications, Ltd., and Kirill Skornyakov, Deputy CEO, took part in the international forum on digital logistics and blockchain systems on the international transport corridors network on March 15 in Moscow.

During the forum, Kirill Skornyakov made a presentation on “Communication and Security Systems within the Logistics Chain at Railway Transport Facilities”, where he reviewed the most acute issues of the industry related to the digitization of the transport and logistics sector.
According to the presentation, the most acute issue is still the modernization of communication equipment, one of the solutions of which can be the introduction of decentralized communication systems based on the VoIP technology. Due to stronger requirements to the safety of the railway transport infrastructure, personal security systems, which are especially needed when employees work in remote sections of the railway track, is of an increased demand.
The forum was attended by the heads of state regulatory bodies, ministries and departments, railway administrations of Russia and European and Asian countries, members of the International Union of Railways and the Organization for Railways Cooperation, representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the UNECE Inland Transport Committee, the UNESCAP, and top managers of the largest Russian and foreign companies. The forum participants discussed the use of blockchain technologies on transport, development of international cooperation, possibility to implement intelligent solutions in the system of transcontinental routes, and so on.
The International Forum on Digital Logistics and Blockchain Systems on the International Transport Corridors Network was organized by the International Association of Logistics Business with the support of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation jointly with the Association “Digital Era of Transport” and Transcontainer, JSC.

Blog about company

Since 2017, Communications, Ltd. implements projects for the construction of operative communication and public address systems on the basis of the DS-6 communication system by jm Neumann Elektronik GmbH.
When developing projects, we always adhere to the policy of introducing innovative methods and use the most advanced technologies. We constantly work at analyzing the needs of customers and strive to offer them the best and most important solutions.

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technical workshop

In April for the first time «Communications" hold the technical workshop in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.  More than fifty Chief Technical Officers, engineers and other specialists visited it. Also the seminar attracted many news media.

Как бизнес воспринимает Индустрию 4.0

Эксклюзивное интервью директора Представительства компании «Коммуникации» в Казахстане.

Деловой еженедельник «Капитал.kz»


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Азбука сбоев

Журнала «Рубеж» попросил лидеров отрасли безопасности рассказать о наиболее частых проблемах, возникающих при эксплуатации технических средств обеспечения транспортной безопасности. Свое профессиональное мнение в рубрике «Практика» представил  управляющий директор компании «Коммуникации» Владислав Чепиного.

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Digital Communication Systems for Railways

Railway operation experts can learn about the advantages of integrated digital communication systems from the article of Communications, Ltd. in a new release (No. 1 (31) 2018) of the scientific and technical journal “TRANSPORT INNOVATIONS” by the Publishing House “Pulse of Time” in cooperation with the International Association of Logistics Business (MALBI). 

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Способы снижения производственных рисков

Статья «Способы снижения производственных рисков» управляющего директора ООО «Коммуникации» Владислава Чепиного. Журнал «Технадзор», №4(113), апрель 2016.

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