Quality Policy

The policy of the " Communications " company- providing the enterprises with exclusively high-quality, reliable and modern equipment meeting the last requirements of technical progress and safety. Our production considers relevant requirements and realities of the Russian enterprises and transport hubs. All products pass 100% input and output quality control . Regular inspections from representatives of the European partners are carried out. Strictly following the company's policy, we aren't able to afford to use the equipment of doubtful quality. Therefore assembly and adjustment is carried out under the supervision of highly professional experts who regularly study abroad, improve skills in the leading European companies and have all necessary certificates.

The construction and application of an effective quality management system based on the analysis of international experience and taking into account industry specifics allows the company to be aware of recent trends in the improvement of services provided. The quality of our products meets the requirements and expectations of customers and provides improvement of a financial position of the enterprise..



Certificate of compliance with international quality standards ISO 9001-2011

Certificate of compliance with international quality standards ISO 9001-2008

The admission to works on preparation of project documentation affecting the safety of capital construction facilities

Certificate of admission to works, which exert impact on safety of capital construction projects

Certificate of exclusive dealer of Neumann Elektronik GmbH in the Russian Federation and Belarus

 Certificate of completion of training on the equipment Neumann Elektronik GmbH

 Certificate of the official dealer of the Funktel GmbH company

 The letter on transition of business of the Funkwerk Gmbh company under control of FUNKTEL Gmbh

Extract from the register of SRO (self-regulatory organizations) of November 30, 2017

 Certificate of partnership with Funke + Huster Fernsig GmbH in Russia and the CIS


 Certificate of the official dealer of the Vingtor-Stentofon


 Certificate for installation and service of products of the Telegrafia company


Certificate of official dealer of the complex of underground telecommunication and automation "Talnakh" production of JSC IT-Industry

Our Partners




(Germany) The developer and the vendor of the DS-6 - decentralized communication system and its terminal equipment, built on the basis of the latest IP solutions. This company has been the market of communication systems is already more than 100 years.

Since 2017, the official exclusive distributor of Neumann Elektronik GmbH in Russia and Belarus - LLC "Communications".

Funkwerk/Funktel Gmbh



The German vendor of the professional equipment for communication systems of DECT and TETRA standards for industrial enterprises. The equipment meets world standards and has the function of "Personal Security System", which is a unique development of the company.

In 2016, the company Funkwerk came under the control of FUNKTEL Gmbh 

Funke+Huster Fernsig GmbH



The leading German manufacturer of optical and acoustic equipment: signal devices, loudspeakers, industrial phones. The equipment of the company is provided in different execution and has a high reliability.







A global manufacturer of industrial acoustic systems and loudspeakers. It differs not only in high-quality products, but also in flexibility in customizing equipment to customer requirements. Independently produces all components of loudspeakers, including non-standard solutions for customer requirements.






The Slovak vendor of electronic sirens and the systems of early annunciator about emergency situations. The team of professionals constantly works on expansion of a product portfolio of the company. Thanks to this, the decisions in the field of radio systems and warning systems take the leading positions in the market for many years.




Leading expert in the lighting industry. The technology of development and production allows creating long-lasting, energy efficient and easy-to-maintain fixtures. Modern IValo production technologies allow to provide



(South Korea)


The company has gained fame in the world market as a manufacturer of equipment for sound warning systems and professional sound systems. To date, Inter-M owns 21 patents for inventions, as well as 12 patents for industrial designs of manufactured products.




Developer and manufacturer of special hardware and software systems at the junction of technologies such as radio, wired and wireless data networks, video surveillance, telemechanics and others. The manufacturer of the Talnakh complex.




The Avaya company is one of the leading solution providers in the field of business communications. Development of Avaya technologies allows the company to meet always the requirements of modern communication systems and to offer unique solutions that suit every client's needs. More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Avaya technologies and solutions.




APC solutions have been the industry standard for nearly four decades in the field of high-reliable infrastructure of power supply and engineering infrastructure of IT systems. The company's products have gained worldwide popularity, and APC is a leading provider of systems for and APC is the leading provider of systems for IT departments of various sizes and distributes its products through a huge network of trading partners.





The American multinational company developing and selling the network equipment intended generally for the large organizations and the telecommunication enterprises. One of the world's largest companies specializing in area of high technologies.




OCS works at the Russian IT market more than 20 years. The company develops the directions of volume and project distribution, increases the technological base, develops programs of support of partners and adapts them to changeable realities and requests of the market. The regional network of offices OCS in its breadth has no analogues and includes 26 cities of Russia.




Ascom is the leading international supplier of end-to-end solutions for wireless communications, mobile network testing and security systems. The company has offices in 20 countries worldwide with its head office in Switzerland.




The company "Eltek" — 100% subsidiary Eltek Energy AS (Norway). Eltek - one of leaders in the world market of the equipment of uninterrupted power supply for telecommunication branch. The company has representations in 39 countries.





The company LUIS+ well-known on the Russian market of security systems since 1995. Now it has become one of the leading distributors of high-quality equipment for security and fire alarm systems, video surveillance, access control and perimeter protection, integrated security systems and components for structured cabling systems.




The Rittal Company – the international leader in production of systems of the distributive casing, distribution of energy, components of monitoring of a microclimate, IT solutions and also a software and service. The company was founded in 1961 and today has 11 production sites around the world.




The KABELWERK EUPEN AG company – one of leaders among vendors of cable production who saved production capacities in Europe. Concentration of all company resources within a single site provides flexibility at all stages.




WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & co. KG is a German company that produces components for electrical connection, technologies and electronic components for the decentralized technology of automation. The company WAGO was founded on April 27, 1951.





Italian group FIAMM S. p.A. – this is one of the world's largest manufacturers of batteries, which has been on the market for over 70 years. Founded in 1942, the company today includes several of the world's leading production brands and has more than 10 factories around the world.




Moxa, Inc. - a leading manufacturer of solutions for industrial Ethernet networks, computerization and automation, founded since 1987. By means of the equipment Moxa more than 30 million devices worldwide in a broad range of branches are connected: industrial automation, railroads, intellectual power supply systems, intellectual transport systems and many other things.


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